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About Us

ATV Ranger Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2017, ATV Ranger Sdn. Bhd. is the largest ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) distributor in Peninsular Malaysia which located in Selangor and Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Also, ATV Ranger is a one stop centre provides maintenance services, repair services, and spare parts selling for ATV.

Bringing a product that infuses value, technology, convenience, and multi-purposes has always been the company's goal. With this inspiration, ATV Ranger commits to delivering the best quality ATV and services to the market.

ATV Ranger always put sincere effort in the agricultural sector. The great attention and diligent to the market reflect the innovation of ATV Ranger, an elevation on the usage of ATV in the farming industry.

The ATV offers a more stable ride experience over challenging terrains. Thus, this high-performance machine can be used extensively in the farm for fertilizing, removing weeds, harvesting, and delivering goods. ATV will ease the daily tasks of farmers, planters, and poultry farmers. ATVs are designed and manufactured for different uses, which include racing, hunting, farming, leisure, sports, and more.

ATVs are designed and manufactured for different uses, which include racing, hunting, farming, leisure, sports, and more. ATV Ranger believed that ATV is a boost for tourism as motorized recreation is a fun, exciting, and an alternative to traditional outdoor activity. Besides, the company gives a hand to the community by supporting PWD (Person with Disabilities) group. ATVs allowed PWD to travel or go further than traditional mobility aids.

The ATV industry is a relationship business. It brings connection, convenience, and values. At ATV Ranger, every ATV is more than it’s worth.

In the year 2022, ATV Ranger expanded its business to Selangor. It is an enormous expansion and development to encounter more demand for the whole Malaysia ATV amateur and passionate maniac lovers.

Our Founder

Denis Khing, recognized by many people as BossKing, is a down-to-earth man with aspirations. Customers describe him as a warm and friendly guy that cares about their needs. His team loved his genuine smile and his passion for exploring new things.

Denis Khing is a nature lover. He used to immerse himself in the green farm, the forest, and the challenging terrain. In order to get closer to nature, Denis Khing began the ATV business. Meanwhile, he received plenty of demand for ATVs from his toy store in Kota Bharu.

ATV accelerates the development in the farming industry, building a connection bridge between nature and adventurers, and giving a helping hand to the disabled person.

Denis Khing has effective leadership that could motivate and inspire the team to achieve the company’s vision. Denis Khing, a kindheartedly soul in Kota Bharu.

Company History Timeline

2006 - 2019

Working in the Pharmaceutical line.


Invest in some toys store in Kota Bharu


Received inquiries, begins the survey about ATV.


Started ATV business, registered as ATV RANGER AUTOMOBILE.


Cooperated with a direct manufacturer in China to market high-quality and better confidence production for ATV product.


MCO, leverage TikTok for business.


Invest ATV in an outlet in Cheng, Melaka.


Registered “ATV Ranger” as a trademark. Registered “A’Denna” series brand ATV truck for plantation use.

Mission, Vision, Motto

Our Mission

To help the agricultural sector grow more rapidly, promote the tourism industry and facilitate the movement of Persons with Disabilities.

Our Vision

To be 1st choice, truly trusted ATV distributor in Malaysia.

Our Motto

Conquer the obstacles ; Anywhere, Everywhere.

Core Value


Provide quality of being trustworthy and of performing consistently well.


Confidence in jobs done, listening to others, and making the right decision.


Needed to be done, achieved, and determined.

Gratitude & Grateful

Thankfulness and appreciation for everything done and received.


Be lively and cheerful joy in the daily routine.


Accept and be polite with each other for who they are and who I am.


ATV Ranger Sdn. Bhd. is a company with love and care. The company makes concerted efforts on philanthropic responsibilities by helping the PWD to integrate ATVs into their daily life. ATV Ranger Sdn. Bhd associates with different organizations to distribute information and experience about ATVs. ATVs might be an alternative to traditional wheelchairs. By using ATVs, PWD can manage mobility better in their living area. Also, ATVs in the cattle farming industry as cattle breeders.

Our Strengths

Distribute ATVs to serve different functions, including sports, recreation, agriculture, safety, measurement, adventures, and entertainment.

Provide one-stop services consisting of maintenance, repair, selling spare parts, and petrol.

Customize ATV for branding purposes. Clients can own ATVs with their brand name.

Deliver orders to the doorstep and provide door-to-door service when ATV breakdowns.

Why do you need ATV?

1. ATVs are functional and able to pull / carry harvest.
2. ATV is a quad bike with extra wheels that are more stable and sturdier at slower speeds.
3. ATVs are considered high-miles vehicles.
4. ATVs offered a more relaxed seating position.
5. It is easy to maintain.

Product & Services

Distribute different kinds of ATVs to serve certain purposes. Provide maintenance, repair service, and sell ATV spare parts.

Target Audience

1. Agriculture Sector. To increase the efficiency of daily farm work.
2. Hardware Store. Dealer sells ATVs and supplies spare parts to make ATVs more accessible.
3. Sports and outdoor venue. A booster to the tourism industry for adventurers, team building, and a way to get closer to nature.

Future Planning


Open branches in every state throughout Malaysia.

Ease customers to purchase and service their ATVs by cooperating/recruiting more dealers in every state of Malaysia.


Corporate Social Responsibility.

Build a community by providing a private event space as a campsite. Cooperate with institutes or education hubs to form an assigned task, and learn to operate a campground. The project benefits both parties where students who are involved could learn some practical skills while it is a chance for ATV Ranger to contribute to society.


ATV Ranger Premium Club

The member can get accessories, find similar adventure spirits, and have exciting activities in one place. Enjoy the private adventure lounge exclusive for premium club members.